ICU Transport

ICU transports with MedCareProfessional

Our ICU ambulance cars are mobile intensive care wards – they have the latest equipment and are always up to date. Therefore it's not a challenge for us to transport our patients without interrupting their life-supporting therapy. Our medical personnel consists of ICU physicians trained in surgery, internal medicine and anesthesia, assisted by paramedics and nurses specializing in sedation and anesthesia.

Highly-trained medical staff

These transports gain more and more significance in our work due to the continuous formation of specialty hospitals and medical centers. Therefore outstanding equipment and excellent personnel ensure the best possible transport security

Our fleet of ground-based and aerial vehicles is especially equipped with medical tech and meets all of the requirements for patient- and ICU transports

This includes several ICU cars, a unit especially built for infant- and pediatric transport, and larger vehicles by Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and others.

  • 2 x Hamilton T1 Ventilator 
  • 2 x  Zoll X-Serie Monitoring
  • 2 x Accuvac Rescue Suction Unit
  • 7 x Fresenius Perfusoren
  • 1 x Mobiles Blutgasanalysegerät  (EPOC)
  • ECMO / IABP Halterung

Years of experience that our personnel acquired build the foundation of our service. Nurses and EMTs accompany our ICU transports every day.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced working with medical technology and ICU patients.

Doctors generally do not escort patients because this isn't medically required, but this can always easily be arranged on request.

Air Ambulance and ICU transport

MCP offers a wide range of services for secure patient transports. Air ambulance, ICU transport or repatriation flights are the most commonly booked MCP-services world-wide.

We're there for you to provide you with excellent medical support, which we establish through specialized personnel and of course the best and latest medical equipment.

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A mobile ICU ward

ICU transports with cutting edge medical tech - in our ambulances and on our flights

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