Pediatric Transports

Transport infants and children safely

Pediatric transports - so transporting infants, newborns and very young children - are a very particular field regarding medical transports. The technical equipment required is just as high-standard as the personell needs to be. MedCareProfessional has both the staff and the medical equipment to get the little ones safely to where they need to be.etzungen, um kleine Patienten sicher zu ans Ziel zu bringen.

These transports can be aerial or ground-transports - we offer both. We're able to transport infants safely to a hospital - even if they are as light as 800g (~2lbs) - because our mobile incubator makes it possible. The child stays inside the incubator throughout the entire transport. This way we avoid any sort of risks and liabilities during the transport - we can use the same mobile incubator in aerial transports as well as ground-level transports. No unnecessary relocation and zero stress when switching vehicles.

Pediatric Flights

Our fleet is available to us at all times. This includes pediatric transports of newborns and infants.

Airplanes will therefore be equipped with medical technology that is hand-tailored to the needs of our little passengers.

Parents are obviously welcome on board.

Road-based pediatric transports

For an immediate transport of an infant or newborn from one hospital to another, or a transport to or from the airport, we offer a specialized infant transport.

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 has become part of our vehicle fleet in 2020 for the sole purpose of pediatric transports. Having a highly specialized vehicle gives us the opportunity to perform significantly better in this particular field without having to equip one of our regular transports every time it becomes necessary.

Highly trained medical staff

For both aerial and road-transports only experienced and particularly trained doctors and nurses are an option for us.

In combination, our cutting-edge equipment and our highly-trained staff ensure a safe and secure transport of our little patients.