Air ambulance and ICU transports

We will get you there - anywhere in Europe

Domestic and International Patient transports

MedCareProfessional (MCP) has been getting patients to their destiations for years. We're working with well-known insurance companies, hospitals and big corportations in need of our transportation services. We've been awarded multiple times for our thorough and reliable work-style.

Our Ambulances, ICU transports as well as our air ambulance and our escorted commrcial flights help injured and sick people in need of professional help all over the planet. We're literally there for you 24/7 with these transport services and of course our repatriation service.

Our work requires dedication and ambition - a challenge that we take on every single day.

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.

Henry Ford

You can count on us. Always.

Our highly qualified medical staff takes care of our patients. We also provide our personnel with the latest and best equipment.

Awarded and Certified. Repeatedly.

Several national and international certifications are just a result of our level of service. This is not only a service to our clients, it is also our personal ambition.

This is why you can always count on us. Constantly.

MedCareProfessional - our services

Quick response-times, highly qualified personnel, 24 hour emergency services - MedCareProfessional stands for reliability and a wide spectrum of services.

  • 24h emergency services
  • Organization of medical transports/flights
  • Medical transports with especially equipped air ambulances
  • Patient transports with especially equipped ambulances and ICU transports
  • Training/Coaching for in-flight and in-transport medical treatment