Commercial Flights and Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance - our flying ICU

We like to call our Air Ambulances "flying ICU wards", because that is literally what they are. Our air ambulances are able to reach every destination worldwide. The medical equipment on our planes is identical to the equipment in a mobile intensive care unit and guarantees an uninterrupted patient life support and treatment.

With several different air plane types in our fleet, we are able to pick the best possible mode of transport for each eventuality. This makes sense especially on smaller air fields or long distances.

Great staff and excellent equipment

In case of an emergency or other any sort of complication our medical staff will be on top of it. Well-trained physicians and nurses take care of the situation. A crew on an air ambulance flights consists of physicians specializing in surgery and anaesthesia, surses specializing in in-flight medicine and EMTs especially trained for this purpose. Two pilots ensure a safe and secure departure and landing.



Lufthansa is offering flying ICUs in their long distance vessels Airbus A340-300 and Boeing B747-400. 

Patient Transport Compartments

This new version of the so-called PTC (Patient Transport Compartment) makes the intensive care required by patients in life-threatening condition possible on almost all of Lufthansa’s long distance flights to a multitude of destinations.

Due to their long range, these carriers avoid pricy and sometimes even health-impairing or time-consuming layovers, which might occur in air ambulance flights.

We are amongst the pioneers to offer these services in co-operation with Lufthansa.

Latest technology - up and running in under an hour

The PTC can be installed in the back of the vessel in around 45 minutes. It becomes a fully equipped ICU ward, including respiration units, heart monitors and everything imaginable in a 'real' ICU. Obviously the station offers enough room for the patient and our medical escort.

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Commercial flights

We offer different ways of transporting patients on commercial flights. In close co-operation with the medical desk of the respective airlines, optimal patient transport is evaluated. Physicians in our headquarters are in close contact with the largest airlines, necessary formalities are quickly and reliably taken care of.

Lufthansa, Eurowings and many more

Our bookable options range from a common single seat in Economy, Business or First Class, that can be extended, to a stretcher, a mobile bed, that can be fitted mostly hidden in the back part of the cabin and which offers privacy and comfort. All patients are accompanied by experienced flight physicians, nurses or paramedics.