Emergency Services and Transport

Ground level transport

EMT Transport

We perform road transports in entire Europe, mostly for repatriation purposes. A lot of patient transports need to be performed with the patient lieing down for medical reasons. Those patients and many others in need of a particular sort of medical attention need to be transported to a hospital close by.

Long-distance patient transports

Many of our vehicles are equipped especially for long-distance patient transports. Their medical equipment is in accordance with the strict German DIN EN 1789 (German industry requirement). Because of that we're able to even provide emergency services. Our EMT personnel will guide and assist you throughout the entire transport.

Austria, Switzerland, Italy and many other countries

Our neighbor countries and the Benelux Member States are the center of our professional attention - however we can easily perform longer distance transports as well. If distance requires aerial transport, we recommend an air ambulance or another aerial service.

Infant Medical Transport

Our Infant-Transport Witten started its service in February 2012. Its main purpose is transporting newborns and premature babies from one hospital to another. We often needed its special equipment and personnel for premature deliveries and other infant related emergencies.

The vehicle is especially built to transport fragile newborns safely. Part of its equipment is a specialized transport-table which absorbs almost the entire travel-related vibration and shock-like movement.

Modern technology and top-notch medical staff

The infant is transported in an incubator to keep it safe and stable during the entire transport. It will be accompanied by an EMT, a nurse and a neonatologist.

Prepared for state emergencies

Even in a state of martial law, MedCareProfessional will be part of the support system.

Ever since 2013 MedCareProfessional has been a member of the German medical catastrophe support community (Medizinisches Katastrophen-Hilfswerk Deutschland e.V. - MHW). The main purpose of the community is to provide medical aid in the case of disasters and public emergencies - domestic and global.

We provide support for evacuations, organize regional support in crisis-management, repatriate injured and sick people back to their home countries. The community was founded as a result of the European flood in 2002

State emergency services are quickly at capacity when disasters happen. Injuries rise during a crisis and the medical infrastructure needs our support. This is why the support community organizes help rooted in the private sector to provide additional capacity to existing systems in case of an emergency.