About MedCareProfessional

MedCareProfessional - a short introduction

Top-notch medical transport services

We offer national and international medical transportation. Fast and considerate for our patients, economically sound and reliable for our principals. Our specialized personnel and vehicles are on site at the headquarters communication and dispatch center 24/7.

Therefore we can guarantee operations with fast response-times, cost-efficient calculation and sound quality. Whether on ICU ground transports, ambulance transports or repatriation flights, patient care is our number one priority implemented by our highly qualified medical personnel and top-knotch medical equipment.

Our commitment knows no time limit - get to know our services now.

24H emergency dispatch

We're literally there for you at all times. No matter when you are in need of a medical transport or even a flight, our dispatch is ready for you 24 hours a day.

Our mission control takes care of all aspects of medical relevance in several different languages.

  • Transport necessity
  • On-Site Medical Treatment
  • Evaluation if patient is safe to transport
  • Reporting and service documentation

Flight transports

Many scenarios call for a faster mode of transportation. Ground transport is either too slow or not possible. In these cases aerial transport comes into play.

  • Air Ambulance
  • Patient Transport Compartments (PTC-Transports)
  • Commercial flight escorts

Air Ambulance, ICU transports and repatriation flights

MedCareProfessional has been known for years for its reliability, competence and and service quality. We're well known in the industry: Only highly qualified medical staff is in charge of patients and our medical technology is the latest on the market.

Certified internationally

Several domestic and international certifications are proof of the high standard that we hold ourselves to - for our clients and for our own quality assurance.

You can count on us. Always.


Doctors and EMTs

We provide qualified medical technicians and physicians and all other necessary personnel for your transport.

Leave all of it to us, including the details.

ICU ground transports

Our ICU vehicles are basically mobile ICU wards. They're well equipped with the latest technology and all of the necessary medical equipment. We can provide full medical ICU-level treatment and life-support during the transport.