ECMO / IABP Transport

In co-operation with our public health service partners we implement ground and air-bound ECMO transports.  The Bergmannsheil University Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Germany to employ a mobile cardiopulmonary bypass pump, a so-called ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation).  It was designed to serve on helicopter transports as well as in mobile ICU ground units.

We employ these technologies as cardial or pulmonary support in the event of serious ARDS or cardiac failure.  Implantation of the necessary catheters is normally performed in the hospital that is willing to transfer the patient prior to transport.

The machine is made of an artificial lung for oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange and a pump that serves as a heart surrogate. The pump is controlled via a portable console. The individual components weigh but 20 kg, which makes this system one of the lightest and most mobile of all available models at the moment. An ordinary CPB pump weighs up to 200 kg!

This system was made possible by the co-operation of cardio-vascular perfusionists, thoracic surgeons, trauma surgeons and anesthetists of Bergmannsheil University Hospital.

Together with MAQUET, the designers of ECMO this mobile unit was optimized. We are the official partner for ground transport logistics. The procedures have now passed official approval, referring hospitals can now revert to our services.

Bergmannsheil and MedCareProfessional are one of the very few institutions in Germany to offer a licensed ECMO-transport solution for seriously ill patients.