Education and Advanced Training

Our staff brush up their skills on a regular basis. Their demanding work asks for the latest knowledge in medicine and technology. External advanced training programs, that are part of the government regulations, are on offer, as well as our own training schemes for quality management, instrument engineering and ICU transport medicine.

Our employees have to attend at least 3 to 4 such events per year, but usually there are more on offer. Experienced non-physician employees can participate in the education program / sit the exams for „Certified Flight Paramedic–FP-C“ or „Critical Care Paramedic-CC-P“.

Several times a year we organize our very own MCP training course in flight medicine for physicians, colleagues or medical personnel. It is compulsory for new staff.

This basic training unit comprises flight physiology, instruction for the relevant medical flight devices and aircraft components, crew resource management and conduct in emergency situations on board of fixed wing aircrafts. Only after attending this extensive training course our new staff will start to do familiarization flights under the auspices of experienced colleagues, and will then gradually be included in day-to-day operations.